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Request for Support

Our effort to provide an open venue for partners and global allies to request special products or services from our COE.

Our aim is to be a pre-eminent source of innovative military advice on combined joint operations from the sea. Our strength lies in our diverse staff spanning 13 different nations from multiple military branches. We continue to improve our products and services by collaborating with institutions, universities and other organizations that are leaders in their fields of expertise. We take full advantage of our location in Norfolk, VA and the numerous universities, and research facilities in our area. We also have a unique tie to the United States Navy’s Fleet Forces Command, United States SECOND Fleet, and Joint Force Command Norfolk.

NATO Organizations should submit Requests for Support (RfS) via the TRANSNET website for inclusion into the CJOS program of work. Individual nations or institutional stakeholders who wish to submit a request may contact CJOS COE directly and submit a request to the Directorate Coordinator. The CJOS Program of Work is on an annual cycle. If the requests are approved by the Steering Committee, they will be included in the PoW. We also are available to take emergent requests as an Out of Cycle RfS. If submitting an out of cycle request via TRANSNET, there must also be an email directly to CJOS COE for timely acceptance and work to begin on the project.

If you are interested in receiving project support from our staff, simply submit a request to CJOS COE as described above. TRANSNET accounts can be requested from the TRANSNET website ( RfS can be submitted to any staff member or the Directorate Coordinator at:

Email: CJOS.COE@NAVY.MIL or Phone: +01-757-836-2611

Hope to hear from you soon!

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