Programme of Work

CJOS_COE-newOur authority to become a pre-eminent source of innovative military advice on combined joint operations from the sea.


CJOS activities are guided by a programme of work approved by the sponsoring nations based upon the requests received by NATO, the CJOS member countries, and other entities. CJOS, an organization outside the NATO Command Structure, is open to requests for support by any organization. Requests received will be considered for inclusion in the programme of work based upon their alignment to CJOS interests and those of the sponsoring nations and NATO. The 2019 CJOS Programme of Work, approved by the Executive Steering Committee, is listed below:


  • Joint Sea Based Operations
  • Comprehensive MSA Mechanism
  • Logistics Support for Amphibious Operations in the Atlantic
  • Dual Use of Military Defense Capabilities for non-military purposes (DuMDC)
  • Joint Military Operations in the Urban Environment Concept
  • Support JFCNF Development
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • UAS Integrations into Maritime Environment
  • NATO Maritime Availability Database
  • Maritime Capacity Building
  • All Dimension ASW Concept
  • NATO Future ASW Concept
  • NDPP Step 2
  • Support 2nd Fleet Development
  • Follow on to NAEW E3 AWACS
  • Area Denial
  • Expeditionary Operations Doctrine
  • Big Data
  • BALTOPS Exercise
  • Trident Jupiter 19-1
  • Maritime Cyber Security Afloat
  • Future Maritime Threats
  • Alliance’s Reinforced Maritime Posture follow-on Tasking
  • Interoperability Guide Update


  • Amphibious Leadership Expeditionary Symposium (ALES)
  • Support ongoing activities related to the Multinational Capability Development Campaign (MCDC)
  • Support to ACT’s Program on Autonomy
  • NATO Maritime Surveillance Concept
  • NATO Maritime Operations Concept
  • Joint Combined Sea basing Working Group Support
  • Develop Maritime ISR Doctrine
  • MAROPS Working Group
  • IAMD Conference
  • Lessons Learned Process
  • Participate in Campaign Plan for Amphibious Operations Training
  • ACT Maritime S&T Programs – Outputs Acceptance Support
  • Interoperability Advisory Group (IAG)
  • Long Term Military Transformation PoW SFA/FFAO
  • Maritime Ops Discipline Conference
  • AMPHIBOPS Working Group
  • Multinational Maritime Information Services Interoperability Board (M2I2)
  • Cutting the Bow Wave Annual Review
  • ODU Lecture Series
  • CJOS Liaison to ODU/Romanian Defense University
  • CJOS Liaison to NWDC
  • Technological Watch
  • Geographic Horizon Scanning
  • Primary Maritime Advisor to COMSACT
  • Provide Alliance Maritime Interoperability Advice/ Support to MARCOM
  • Reinforce the MSA Network (MSA Information Sharing)