Programme of Work

CJOS_COE-newOur authority to become a pre-eminent source of innovative military advice on combined joint operations from the sea.


CJOS activities are guided by a programme of work approved by the sponsoring nations based upon the requests received by NATO, the CJOS member countries, and other entities. CJOS, an organization outside the NATO Command Structure, is open to requests for support by any organization. Requests received will be considered for inclusion in the programme of work based upon their alignment to CJOS interests and those of the sponsoring nations and NATO. The 2021 CJOS Programme of Work, approved by the Executive Steering Committee, is listed below:

Line of Effort #1 – Integration of Maritime C2 into the Joint/Combined Space

  • Dependency on Technology in C2
  • Maritime Warfare Symposium
  • Maritime Security Regimes Round Table
  • C2 of Multinational Maritime Forces
  • The Arrival of 5G Networks
  • NATO Expanded Task Force Concept (SFN)
  • Development of Need to Share Culture
  • Integrated NATO Maritime Logistics
  • Support JFCNF Logistics Concept
  • C2F C2 of NATO SNF
  • Support to JFCNF DDA Activities
  • Standing NATO SECRET OPTASKs for C2F
  • MCC Certification
  • NATO SATCOM Assessment

Line of Effort #2 – Support the Alliance’s Development of Amphibious Capability

  • Marine Integration Across Countries
  • Understanding Amphibious C2
  • NATO ATF Concept
  • Cutting the Bow Wave
  • NATO Amphibious Leaders (NALES)
  • Joint Combined Sea Basing WG
  • Participate in CPAOT

Line of Effort #3 – Support the Alliance’s Development of Unmanned Systems Capability

  • Cooperative ASW C2
  • Maritime Domain in the future Multi-Domain Operations
  • Manned-Unmanned Teaming in Joint Operations
  • Maritime Unmanned Systems Tactical Doctrine Development

Line of Effort #4 – Deepening Our Understanding of Challenges and Our Competitors in the Maritime Domain

  • Russian Maritime Priorities and Doctrine
  • Resource Scarcity & Climate Change
  • Long Term Military Transformation PoW – SFA/FFAO
  • Conflict 2020 & Beyond – Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
  • Historical RFN forces study

Line of Effort #5 – Contributing to Interoperability, Integration, and Force Development

  • NATO Stand-in Forces
  • Maritime Level of Effort
  • North Atlantic MCCs
  • Manoeuvre Arms for NATO Maritime
  • Support to ACT’s NWCC activities
  • IAMD Conference
  • Collaboration with NDU
  • NATO All dimension ASW Concept
  • NATO Future OTH NMCM Concept
  • Maritime Strike Operations
  • Maritime ISR Doctrine
  • M2I2
  • Liaison to NWDC
  • Lessons Learned Process and Analysis
  • Support to MSR RT WGs
  • Annual MARSEC Conference
  • Support JFCNF and C2F Development
  • I2AG
  • Interoperability and Coordination Guide
  • Exercise Support
  • Impact of Danube Delta and Danube River
  • Coastal Defence Study Support
  • AFSC i-CONOPS Support
  • Missile Deterrence and Defense Study