Request for Support

CJOS_COE-newOur effort to provide an open venue for partners and global allies to request special products or services from our COE.

Shortfalls in current maritime capabilities/procedures are identified by Allied Command Transformation (ACT), NATO, individual nations, or institutional stakeholders who then request CJOS COE’s support. Once the requests are approved by the CJOS COE Steering Committee, they are reflected in our Annual Programme of Work (POW). CJOS COE’s POW 2015 contained a wide spectrum of proposals with strong focus on interoperability of global allies, maritime security initiatives, and working to deliver coherent operational Concept of Operations (CONOPS). Our aim is to become a pre-eminent source of innovative military advice on combined joint operations from the sea.

We continue to raise our profile by collaborating with high profile, leading edge institutions, publishing high quality, well researched products, and validating them through experimentation and exercise. This is made possible through our close relationship with U.S. Fleet Forces Command which provides the appropriate validation opportunities thus making maximum benefit of our unique position embedded in their command structure. We continue to work with non-
military entities leveraging existing knowledge to share best practices on maritime issues and enhance global maritime security.

If you are interested in receiving project support from our staff, simply submit a Request for Support (RFS) to CJOS COE. RFS nominations can be submitted to any CJOS COE staff member POC or the CJOS COE Directorate Coordinator available at:

Email: USFF.CJOS.COE@NAVY.MIL or Phone: +01-757-836-2611

Hope to hear from you soon!