1. Letters to Stakeholders


- CJOS COE and COE CSW letter to Maritime stake holders explaining our plan to work on the MSA review in order to improve information exchange among nations for a more secure maritime environment. The outcome will be a document to address short, medium and long-term approaches to information exchange and engagements with the different actors stressing the need to establish guidelines.



2. Combined CJOS/CSW COEs MSA Review Project Plan.


- Planning document presenting the agreed way the MSA Review Project will be conducted.


                Annex 1: Project Charter


                Annex 2: Project Roadmap


3. Workshop #1 Istanbul, Turkey (9-11 OCT 13)


- Calling letter, tentative agenda and registration form.


4. Workshop #2 Souda Bay, Crete (18-20 FEB 14)


 - Calling letter, tentative agenda and registration form

 -GAP Inventory

 -Registration Form

 -Post MSA Workshop 2 Report