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Review of the NATO Concept for Maritime Situational Awareness

The review provides recommended amendments to the MSA Concept to ensure consistency with the latest version of the Alliance Maritime Strategy (AMS) - (Ref C) and the New Alliance Maritime Security Operations (MSO) Concept (Ref D).


 Allied Interoperability Handbook

A handbook designed to improve the integration of forces conducting allied operations and exercises.


Humanitarian Assistance/ Disaster Relief - Supporting L.I.F.E.

A Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief Concept. By developing the "L.I.F.E” Concept, the Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Centre of Excellence (CJOS COE) provides a structured approach to improve both coordination and cooperation in HADR.


An Introduction to Joint Operations on and from the Sea

A concept which provides greater insight into the different expeditionary operations that NATO can conduct on and from the sea.  This concept was initiated to provide a more over-arching concept for the NATO Joint Sea-Based Logistic Support concept and at the same time cover a large variety of operations that NATO can conduct using the sea as an operating platform within the three Core Tasks of NATO's Strategic Concept in addition to a number of tasks that are categorized as Maritime Security Operations. Joint sea based operations provide decision makers within NATO an alternative and additional option when planning expeditionary operations.


EXTAC 789, Tactics on Maritime Counter-Piracy

Explores and addresses maritime piracy security challenges. Document not available for download. If interested in the specific document, please contact us.


Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) in NATO

The study provides an overview of the core principles which would allow the most cost-effective development of Maritime Unmanned Systems capabilities in support of the Alliance’s current strategic missions and potential future missions.


Guidance for Developing Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) Capability

The guide aims to inform the capability development of Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS), broadening beyond that currently being exploited by UAV into Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) and Underwater Surface Vehicles (USV). The document covers likely attributes and tasks for MUS, and discusses some of the challenges in developing this capability.


A Framework for Enhanced International Maritime Security Cooperation, v1.0

A White Paper titled "A Framework for Enhanced International Maritime Security Cooperation" which will be forwarded to the International Military Organization for consideration as a UN resolution.


Proposed Generic C2 Structure for UN Maritime Peace Keeping Operations

This paper recommends headquarter models and organizations that may be tailored for a joint or stand-alone UN maritime peacekeeping operation. The models and organizations are based on structures that are familiar to the majority of countries that contribute to UN operations.


Humanitarian Assistance to Combat Operations: The Full Spectrum Capability of Aircraft Carriers

This paper discusses historical and hypothetical examples of various missions that aircraft carriers perform in order to demonstrate their full spectrum capability and flexibility.