Transformation Branch Head

Captain Massimiliano Nannini

Captain Massimiliano Nannini was born March 16, 1967 in Novi Ligure, a small town in the district of Alessandria in the north west part of Italy where he completed his primary and secondary education.He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1990 achieving a Maritime and Naval Sciences degree from the University of Pisa, Italy. He attended International Class “A” Course on Hydrography achieving a Master’s degree in Geomatics. He was promoted to Captain on July 1, 2013.


Captain Nannini spent most of his career as Hydrographer, in different positions mainly focused to Geo-Metoc support to the Italian armed Forces. He has commanded ITS PIOPPO(1998), ITS ARETUSA and ITS GALATEA (1999-2000), ITS MAGNAGHI(2008).
Captain Nannini has also served shore appointments including Head of Survey and Production Dept. of the Italian Hydrographic Office, acting as National Military Hydrographer, national Representative at Defense General Staff for Safety of Navigation and Geo-Metoc Bilateral Arrangements.


Major Awards And Decorations: Silver Medal for extended Command; Honor Medal (2nd degree) for sea duty; Distinguished Navy Service Award (25 years);
Captain Nannini enjoys outdoors activities such as golf, running and sailing.

Captain Nannini is married to Federica. They have one daughter, Cecilia.