Schedule of Events

Our opportunity to collaborate through broad intellectual engagement with sponsoring nations, NATO, and global allies.

Schedule of Events:
10-11 May 2022, Brussels, Belgium; COE Marketplace
24-26 May 2022, Farnborough, UK; Combined Naval Event 2022
26 May 2022, Norfolk, Virginia; Executive Steering Committee Meeting
6-24 June 2022, Bydgoszcz, Poland; Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise (CWIX)
13-16 June 2022, Den Helder, Netherlands; Consultation, Command, and Control (C3) Concepts and Requirements (Maritime) Capability Team (MC3CaT)
16-17 June 2022, Kiel, Germany; Kiel International Seapower Symposium (KISS)
5-9 Sep 2022, Turku, Finland; Multinational Maritime Information Services and Interoperability (M2I2) Board


Last updated: 9 May 2022