Doctrine Development Branch Head

Captain Giuseppe Catapano

CAPT Giuseppe Catapano, ITA-N

Giuseppe Catapano has faced a large and variegated spectrum of experiences as Navy Officer and Naval Aviator as well, aspects of his military education that led him to carry out his duty on the Italian and international land, waters and skies.  He got his wings at the U.S. Navy Aviation School in Corpus Christi (Texas), achieved the combat readiness on the Anti-Submarine aircraft BR 1150 Atlantic in December 1995 and served as pilot and Tactical Coordinator within the 41st AS Sigonella Wing (88th AS Group), accomplishing different operations, including the “Sharp Guard”, UN embargo operation against the ex-Yugoslavia federation, and the “Active Endeavor” operation.  From 2002 to 2003, now expert aviator, he was in charge of the Training Department in Sigonella.


As Lieutenant he took command of the coastal patrol unit Sentinella stationed in Sinai within the Multinational Force & Observers, during the challenging yea r2001.  In 2009 he embarked on the auxiliary ship Etna as Ex.O. carrying out the counter-piracy operation “Atalanta” in the Indian ocean and then he took command of the frigate Artigliere.


From 2003 to 2015 he served at the Training Aircraft Department of the Italian Navy Training Center qualifying combat ready over thirty 88th AS Group crews.  As Captain, he was Chief of Staff of the Maritime Air Inspector for the Navy at the Navy Headquarters in Rome, leading the 41st AS Sigonella Wing transition from the glorious BR 1150 Atlantic to the brand new P-72A.


He eventually held command of the Italian Navy Base in Messina until July 2021.


Giuseppe has accomplished the full course at the Italian Naval Academy, graduating in Naval Strategic Science at the University of Pisa and a senior degree in Information Science at the University of Catania.  He also attended the 110th Senior Course at the NATO Defense College.  Giuseppe is married to Angela, who partnered and supported him even before his Navy military career; they have a wonderful family enriched by five sons.  He is a fine fly fisherman and bread baker.