Message from SACT

I am pleased to present the 2021 NATO-accredited Centres of Excellence (COE) Catalogue. This catalogue offers information on the growing NATO COE enterprise, which now consists of 26 accredited COEs, with another two under development. The catalogue provides insights into their efforts and is intended to facilitate contacts for those seeking additional information.

NATO-accredited COEs play an important role in furthering innovation, lessons learned, education and training, doctrine, concept and capability development, through experimentation and recommendations. In their respective domains or areas of expertise, the COEs function as hubs that contribute significantly to enhancing interoperability with Allies and Partners.  Under the framework of the NATO-EU Joint Declaration, they also act as Alliance forerunners in NATO-EU cooperation, “from the bottom”.

In 2020, they proved their usefulness to NATO and Nations by providing support, analysis and advice to the Alliance as it responded to the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to their unique status, they also provided a bridge with non-NATO organizations and entities, thus expanding the Alliance understanding of the international medical and technological environments.

NATO COEs are centrepieces of our network of expertise and have proven to be a successful model for effective multinational solutions. Their abilities are invaluable to our transformational Warfare Development efforts; they support the adaptation of our military capabilities. Their ability to deliver innovative ideas, products, and support make them critical stakeholders in addressing the current and future posture of the Alliance and maintaining our warfighting advantage. As such, I highly recommend that members of the Alliance – at all levels – reach out to COEs to leverage these incredible resources.

HQ SACT (especially the CPD Branch) will continue to work with COEs to ensure that NATO continues to make advantageous use of COEs. This will help ensure the highest level of contribution to warfare development and to the support of NATO operations and exercises.

Once again, I would like to thank all the NATO and Partner nations that contributed to the growing and continued success of the COEs by committing personnel and/or resources.

I look forward to another productive year working with all the COEs to derive the full benefit of these national contributions.


André Lanata

General, French Air Force

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation