Message from SACT

sact-new It is my privilege to present the 2018 NATO Centre of Excellence (COE) Catalogue. This edition captures the growing NATO COE enterprise, which now consists of 24 accredited COEs, with one more in the accreditation process and several others under development. I am pleased to have four NATO partner nations actively supporting NATO COEs, and six more cooperating on NATO projects. In addition, NATO COEs have proven to be a highly successful multinational solution to support NATO’s transformational efforts. Today’s complex and ever changing security environment demands more from the Alliance. NATO must be more ready, responsive, and resilient by working closely with a wide network of partners, of which COEs form an essential part. To remain fit for purpose, NATO must be able to operate and adapt simultaneously; this is the focus of the NATO Command Structure (NCS) Adaptation. This means, amongst other things, leveraging the NATO Force Structure and non-NCS entities, like the COEs, to provide invaluable subject matter expertise. As Allied Command Operations focuses on warfighting, and Allied Command Transformation on Warfare Development, COEs will become vital enablers to our future command structure. Not only will the increased flexibility and strengthened link to COEs limit the additional resource required to adapt, but ACTs Warfare Development efforts will increasingly leverage the benefits and strengths of this approach. Together, as one-NATO, we will ensure future interoperability, build resilience and cooperation through partnerships, and facilitate concrete steps to strengthen the EU-NATO relationship, with the ultimate goal of maintaining NATO’s warfighting edge. Furthermore, the COEs are part of a diverse innovation ecosystem, with less-structured and more adaptable links to non-NATO entities such as the EU, partner nations, international organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, industry and academia. As such, they offer a wide array of complimentary capacity and expertise that can be used to provide solutions to the complex problems the Alliance faces now and in the future. Finally, I would like to thank all the NATO and Partner nations who support the success of the COEs. This commitment of personnel and resources to NATO’s Warfare Development is invaluable and instrumental to a strong Alliance.

Denis Mercier

General, French Air Force

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation