Message from SACT

sact-newCentres of Excellence allow our Nations to maintain and improve their competences in several key military domains.  They also contribute to share those skills across the whole Alliance as well as partner Nations.  This COE Catalogue offers basic information on the NATO COE concept, programme of work development and processes, individual COE capabilities and is a ready reference for contact information within the COE community.

As this community has now grown to 23 accredited Centres, we are just realizing the full potential of this capacity to the benefit of NATO.  The expertise available and cost effectiveness to Allies make the Centres critical enablers towards NATO efforts to prepare for the future operating environment.   It is my intention to promote this community’s efforts to operate in a more federated manner and to be associated to ACT’s work in order to address NATO’s most challenging issues.

The role of ACT is to work on the outputs of Transformation, in order to improve NATO’s posture.  This will enable NATO to deliver strategic military effects to fulfill the three core tasks defined in the Strategic Concept: collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security.  The posture derives from the right mix of conventional, nuclear, and missile defence forces at the appropriate level of readiness.  However, to make this posture relevant and credible at the military level, we must ensure that it develops on a robust foundation based on six focus areas: command and control, logistics and sustainment, collective training, partnership, manpower, and capabilities.  All the Centres of Excellence can provide tangible actions in expanding those six focus areas in support of NATO’s Transformation.  I also believe that Centres of Excellence, working in a federated manner, can be key contributors to increase NATO’s operational agility, strategic awareness, security networking, shared resilience and strategic  communication, which are the five strategic military perspectives addressed in Framework for Future Alliance Operations. It is important to recognize the significant investment from the Framework Nations, Sponsoring Nations and COE Directors in providing this capacity to NATO.  I seize the occasion to thank the Nations for their contributions, for their commitment and for their tireless efforts in support of Transformation.  I look forward to another productive year working with all the COEs in a more collaborative, comprehensive and federated manner.  I will ensure my staff matches the COE’s commitment to improve coordination with NATO and derive the full benefit of Nations’ contribution.  I believe we are just beginning to tap the full potential of this COE concept and the best is yet to come.