Maritime Security Regimes Roundtable 2022 – Wrap-up


“A New Chess Board: New Dynamics and Contemporary Challenges in an Increasingly Demanding Maritime Security Environment”


We sincerely appreciate your participation in the 2022 Maritime Security Regimes Round Table. In these busy times, we are conscious that everyone has many other commitments, and so we are especially glad that you were able to take the time to join us and make it the success that it was.

Thanks to the insightful presentations from each our fascinating speakers, the 2022 MSR RT thoroughly examined a broad spectrum of Maritime Security challenges and opportunities. A number of findings and recommendations drawn from the discussions and plenary sessions will be made accessible in our forthcoming Report of Proceedings which we are currently working on.

We are deeply grateful for all of our presenters’ insights and are keenly focused on continuing the discussions and exchange of ideas beyond this conference by means of our three existing Working Groups. For further details, please do not hesitate to email CDR Carlos Carballeira. We invite all of you to stay engaged in the maritime security conversation by joining one of the Working Groups.

We hope you found the conference valuable; we here at CJOS COE look forward to continuing to work with you further. Again, thank you for joining us, for your contributions, observations and questions, and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s conference.




Panel 1

The War in Ukraine and Geopolitics: From the Sea, Through the Sea – CAPT Ricardo VALDES

Destabilizing Effects on Maritime Security from JFC Norfolk’s Perspective – CAPT Paul RUSSELL

Russian-Ukrainian War Strategic Perspectives and Foreign Assistance – Col. Hennadiy KOVALENKO

Panel 2

Integrated Deterrence, Defense and Resilience in the Arctic Region – RADM Lars SAUNES

Climate Change Impacts in the Maritime Domain – Ms. Tanya ALVARO

Climate Change Migration and the Maritime Security Dimension: Adapting to a Complex Challenge – Professors Joshua BEHR and Rafael DIAZ

Working Groups

Cyber Defense in the Maritime Domain Working Group – CAPT Periklis PANTOLEON

Panel 3

Sentinels of the Seas, Satellite AIS & the Birth of Global Maritime Awareness – Mr. Guy THOMAS

New Threats – Old Vulnerabilities or Old Threats – New Vulnerabilities Europe’s Maritime Resilience – Mr. Carl WERDE

Autonomy; The Reduction in Manpower and the Orchestration of Multiple Attritable Platforms – Mr. Chris SYLVAN

Panel 4

Realities, Challenges, and Perspectives in the Maritime Industry – Mr. Joseph RUDDY

NATO Transport Group (Ocean Shipping) – Mr. David HATCHER

US Fleet Forces Command Maritime Domain Awareness and Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping – Mr. Lee STUART

Maritime Security – Civilian Perspective – Mr. Wes DEMORY