Programme of Work 2020 Products

Line of Effort #1 – Integration of Maritime C2 into the Joint/Combined Space

  • Fusion of Joint Integration Systems
  • Development of Need to Share Culture
  • JFCNF Development
  • Information Protection during Expeditionary Ops
  • Civilian Contributions to MSA Concept
  • Dependency on Technology in C2
  • Defining the Task Force for MLE
  • Maritime Warfare Symposium
  • Big Data
  • Maritime Security Regimes Round Table
  • Maritime Knowledge Portal (MKP)
  • Post Exercise Analysis Tool
  • Integrated NATO Maritime Logistics

Line of Effort #2 – Support the Alliance’s Development of Amphibious Capability

  • Marine Integration Across Countries
  • Understanding Amphibious C2
  • Expeditionary Operations – ATG Concept
  • NATO ATF Concept
  • US EABO in European Theatre
  • Cutting the Bow Wave
  • NATO Amphibious Leaders (NALES)
  • Participate in CPAOT
  • Joint Combined Sea Basing WG

Line of Effort #3 – Support the Alliance’s Development of Unmanned Systems Capability

  • Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) in sea control activities
  • Joint Ops with unmanned systems and their future development
  • Cooperative ASW C2
  • Cyber threat on C2 of UMS
  • Cyber interoperability
  • Maritime Unmanned Systems Tactical Doctrine Development
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Maritime Domain in the future Multi-Domain Operations

Line of Effort #4 – Deepening Our Understanding of Our Competitors

Line of Effort #5 – Contributing to Interoperability and Integration

  • Collaborative Resilience
  • NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept
  • Support to MCDC
  • Support to ACT’s Program on Autonomy
  • NATO Maritime Surveillance Concept
  • Maintain Maritime ISR Doctrine
  • IAMD Conference
  • Lessons Learned Process
  • I2AG
  • Interoperability and Coordination Guide
  • M2I2
  • Liaison to NWDC
  • Exercise Support
  • Collaboration with NDU
  • Annual Discipline Conference
  • Support to MSR RT WGs
  • Support to TRITON Implementation Activities
  • Support to JFCNF and C2F stand-up