Maritime Security Regimes Round Table 2020 Wrap Up


“Future Trends in Maritime Situational Awareness”


A Maritime Security Regime (MSR) is a group of states and/or organizations acting together, with an agreed upon framework of rules and procedures, to ensure security within the Maritime Domain.

The 2020 Maritime Security Regime Roundtable (MSR RT) took place on 30 April – 1 May 2020 in a virtual, webinar format. The forum was conducted at the unclassified level and the audience was drawn from an international community of maritime security practitioners, including a strong cross-section of government, non-government, military, academic, and industry stakeholders. The MSR RT provided a collaborative setting to discuss the challenges to building, maintaining, and sharing maritime security information, and an opportunity to propose solutions that could contribute to an enhanced global network for Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) – the foundation of effective maritime security.

The theme of the 2020 MSR RT was “Future Trends in Maritime Situational Awareness” and as in previous years it was organized around a number of panels, whose topics were as follows:

  • Contemporary Challenges

  • Information Systems

  • Mediterranean/North Africa Updates

  • Maritime Situational Awareness and the Domains

  • Operations at Sea

  • MSR RT Working Reports

Our event was largely a stand-alone event and it’s clearly a follow-up to previous work we have done on the subject. Historically, work on MSA goes back to 2008 when Maritime Security Conferences began to be held. The MSR Round Tables, as they are called now, aim at addressing the current and emerging issues within the Maritime community and bringing together Industry, Defense, Allies, Partners, and Public sector in sharing and discussing information that can be helpful to the community. A simple gesture of listening or sharing contact information over a cup of coffee can go a long way in making our Maritime community a better place.

Documents related to this year’s Round Table:

2020 MSR RT Agenda – Updated 28APR2020

2020 MSR RT Speakers Brochure

2020 MSR RT Presentations

2020 MSR RT Report of Proceedings

MSR Working Groups Terms of Reference


Thank you for participating in this year’s Roundtable!