Cutting the Bow Wave 2019

The 2019 edition of our annual publication, Cutting the Bow Wave, has been released!


This year’s work provides insights focused on the North Atlantic and how the next Battle of the Atlantic could unfold.


Click on the cover to access Cutting the Bow Wave.



The Table of Contents for Cutting the Bow Wave 2019 is listed below:

  • Message from the Director
  • Message from the Deputy Director
  • “Red Storm Rising”
  • NATO’s Return to the North Atlantic
  • The Stand Up of JFC Norfolk
  • Commanding the Alliance at Sea
  • An Introduction to JFC Norfolk
  • Allied Interoperability and Coordination Guide
  • Challenging Road Leading to Maritime Force Interoperability
  • Development of the NATO Amphibious Task Force
  • Anti-Satellite Capabilities and Military Operations
  • Basics of Space Support to NATO Operations
  • Air Defense in the North
  • Unmanned Maritime Systems in the Battle of the Atlantic
  • The Next Battle of the North Atlantic
  • Power Projection in the Modern-Day Maritime Domain
  • 2019 Program of Work and Activities
  • Centres of Excellence Fact Sheet

We also welcome unsolicited manuscripts of 1,500 words or less in length that may be selected for the next publication of Cutting the Bow Wave.

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